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Thrashed: An Atlanta Hockey Story

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The Arizona Coyotes venture in Glendale has been an actual money pit: Tens of millions of dollars shed by the Coyotes, the NHL, and the city of Glendale over years of futility as well as disagreements. After lengthy struggling to locate ground, Glendale is booting the Coyotes out of their city after following year. The potential of them moving (once more) is extremely actual, but in this situation, I believe it’s ideal to revisit the last group that relocated the NHL: The Atlanta Thrashers.

In 1999, there was optimism for hockey in Atlanta: Their first group in the Flames had actually blown over, yet points were different this moment. Yes, they were fairly different. This video clip will certainly describe why; and probably assist us comprehend that the Thrashers never ever had a chance to begin with, due to the group, possession, and also the NHL itself.